The Mouth Circus

Better eating and communicating for every child

Treatment Method

The Mouth Circus is a treatment program that teaches children better eating and communication skills. It is for children with a delay in developement of chewing, swallowing or talking. It is based on the concept of a circus with artists who give a show with their mouths. For example, to learn how to take a bite of food of the correct size, the circus has a very smart crocodile.

The children are invited to act in the circus and start the training excercises. It makes practicing important and fun. It is a positive program and the circus gives the child a stage to show what it can do, instead of focusing on what it cannot do. The children learn skills and thus develop self-confidence.

It is suitable for children between 2½ and 8 years old. Also for children with a delay in development because it is possible to differentiate to the capabilities of the child. It is used by speech-language pathologists and other professionals but the whole idea is to involve the parents and caregivers to anchor the improvements. The circus concept with training artists is easy to explain and children and parents enjoy working with the Mouth Circus.

The Mouth Circus gives you an treatment method with which you can systematically work with the child and it's environment to achieve the important learning objectives of better eating, drinking and communicating.