The Mouth Circus

Better eating and communicating for every child


The Mouth Circus is used by therapists such as Speech-Language Pathologists or behavior experts. The concept of a circus with artists is easy to understand and expand. This makes the method very suitable for a multidisciplinary team of professionals to work together. Healthcare professionals like Pediatricians, Nurses and Psychologists can hook into the concept.

The eating difficulties often come together with communication problems. As a parent or teacher, how do you cope with the daily meals if these are stressfull events? To promote good communication around eating behavior, it is important to include the parents in the treatment process.

The Mouth Circus makes it easy to explain the treatments and exercises. There are practical tips to involve the persons around the child, like parents, grandparents and teachers. This allows the parents to regain control over the daily eating situations and the communication around it.